Way of the Wicked

The Old Moors....of Death!

The party begins to tramp through the old moors surrounding the prison in an attempt to stay off the roads and avoid capture

The Old Moors…of Death!

Players: Cerberus, Woodchuck, Fulimar, Nobi, Malakai, Mishnarai

With the Branderscar Fuzz hot on their tail, the prisoners begin tramping through the Old Moors surrounding the prison in a vain attempt to stay off the roads and get to their destination without being re-captured. The party catches up with Nobi, who thinks he sees a large frog close by. However what he really sees is the rather larger carnivorous frog that the locals have been calling Lashtongue. Smelling fresh food, Lashtongue attacks to the exasperated sighs of the party, who just can’t seem to catch a break.

The party breaks into combat, but are surprised as the giant frog swallows Cerberus whole. They continue to attack the monster hoping to free their comrade, but Cerberus proves the victor as he burst from the stomach of Lashtongue, killing the creature as he does so.

Without breaking for a breather, the party continues in their flight, and within a few moments, they spot the Old Moor Road and the odd and neglected looking manor house, with the lantern burning in the upper window. All seems safe for once, or so they think…


DustinLessak DustinLessak

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