Way of the Wicked

Escape or Die, Part 2

Free from their cells, will the prisoners come up with a plan to escape, or become locked up once again?

Escape or Die, Part 2

Players: Cerberus, Woodchuck, Fulimar, Nobi, Malakai, Mishnarai

Once out of their cell, Nobi and Cerberus investigate a large dark cell close to their own. Within it they find a rather drugged and angry Ogre who calls himself “Grumblejack”. Grumblejack offers to help the party “smash” the “little un’s” if they release him from his cell, an offer that the party is more than willing to accept.

Nobi and Woodchuck come up with a plan to ambush the guards from the guard post in the other room, using the daggers from the veil and chains from their cell as improvised weapons. They both take up positions around the door, and have the rest of the party make a lot of noise to draw the attention of the guards. The guards, drawn by the noise, run into the room, only to be stabbed and chocked to death by Nobi and Woodchuck. They take the armor and equipment from the dead guards and pass it out among the group and Nobi keeps the deck of cards that the guards were playing with. They also find small silver keys and are puzzled at them as they don’t seem to work on any of the locks found thus far.

Stalking quietly down to the main floor of Branderscar, Nobi listens at the door to hear guards posted on the other side, he estimates that there are two of them. Quickly coming up with a plan, he throws a card underneath the door, temporarily distracting the guards. As they investigate, the characters throw open the door and quickly ambush the guards. They begin checking the rest of the main floor, shocked to find most of it empty of guards or people. However they stumble across two servants working in the kitchen, who whimper and cower when they see the characters. Malakai and Nobi tie them up as Cerberus checks out another room, only to find the sleeping forms of three guards. As he tries to sneak away, he stumbles, rousing the attention of the sleeping men.

Faced with three men, Cerberus yells out for help and Nobi, Malakai and Fulimar run to his assistance. They subdue the guards and discover that the silver keys are for the guard’s personal lockers. Nobi begins to open the lockers, collecting random items of interest, including some delicious cookies, a few scattered coins, some dog cookies, and a journal containing this week’s password for getting through the guard posts, “Hesterfield”.

While this is happening, Woodchuck and Mishnarai begin investigating some of the other rooms. They find what appears to be an office and a rather large bedchamber, much larger than anything they have found so far. As they search the rooms, they find a strong lockbox that they are unable to open, but decide to take it with them. They also stumble upon a very secure door, but are able to bust it open, finding the prisons armory, complete with several different types of weapons, armor, and spare guard uniforms.

The group comes up with a plan to dress up as guards and sneak their way out, using the password to get them past the checkpoints. They begin to act on their plan, telling Grumblejack that they can’t smuggle him out and he is on his own, so he leaves to find his own path. The party begins to head out, and even though a few guards stop them to ask what they are doing, the party comes up with a quick story that they are heading to town to “celebrate” their new jobs as guards. Before they are questioned further, the guards are distracted to the east of the keep, as Grumblejack attempts to climb one of the walls and escape.

The party continues to head towards the gates that lead out to the bridge. They are met by four guards on duty who ask them what they are doing away from their posts. The party simply states that they are on their way to town to celebrate their initiation. The guards believe them and let them pass, telling them to have a good time.

As the walk across the bridge, they get to the last guard post and the guards ask them to state their business. The party again responds with their story, but one of the guards recognizes Fulimar as one of the prisoners. An alarm is sounded and one of the guards fires a ballista from the guard tower at the prisoners, but misses wide. Nobi and Woodchuck try to knock out Fulimar, pretending that they didn’t know he was with them, but Malakai and Cerberus begin to climb the portcullis gate, trying to get over the side. Abandoning their plan, the party decides to dive off the side of the bridge and try to swim to safety. Cerberus trips as he falls, and lands hardly enough that he is knocked out. He begins to drown, but is rescued by Woodchuck who drags him to shore, robs him of his gold, and forces a cure potion down his throat.

Malakai is not as lucky, as he is about to make his escape, he takes a ballista bolt to the chest and passes out from the hit. Fulimar and Mishnarai have already made their escape, but Nobi still remains on the bridge. Instead of helping Malakai, he saves himself and dives into the water. All hope seems lost for Malakai as the guards from the other outpost begin to approach and drag him back to prison. Just as all hope is about to become lost, Grumblejack appears from his failed attempt to escape. He smashes the “little ‘uns” and picks up Malakai’s unconscious body before diving into the water and swimming to shore.

Nobi begins to head out on his own while the rest wait for Grumblejack and Malakai to catch up. As they begin to run through the marshes, the start to hear the sounds of pursuit from the prison’s guards, intent to capture them once again. However, for the time being, they are safe…


Just wanted to note Nobi didn’t jump off the bridge. He bluffed his way by the guards by letting them know he’s “Going after the culprits”, after convincing them he’s ill and cannot speak.

Escape or Die, Part 2

Noted, the log is a detailed generalization so it won’t have everything

Escape or Die, Part 2
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