Way of the Wicked

Escape or Die!

The party of lowlies and scum meet for the first time, but they are imprisoned in the dreaded Branderscar prison, do they have what it takes to escape?

Escape or Die! Part 1

Players: Cerberus, Woodchuck, Fulimar, Nobi, Malakai, Mishnarai

Everyone found themselves chained by the arms and by the feet, sitting in a dark cell, their forearms still burning from the brand of “F”, the marking of the forsaken. They received the brand upon coming to Branderscar from Sergeant Tomas, who took great joy in giving each of them the brand. In three days time, they will be judged for their evil crimes.

Cerberus and Nobi were caught in a fraud scheme involving one of the royal family and have been sentenced to hard labor in the salt mines. Fulimar stole an important religious artifact from the High Cathedral of Mitra, earning him the same sentence. Woodchuck was caught Grave robbing, and as the dead are sacred to the god Mitra, the sentence for him is death by beheading. Malakai was apprehended with a sacred symbol of Asmodeus upon his person, a crime of blasphemy, with only one outcome, death by burning! And finally Mishnarai, who burned down half of Matharyn will be burned herself.

Within hours of their arrival at the prison, the guards arrive at their cell and haul away Cerberus, as he has a “lovely” guest waiting for him. But not everything is as it seems as Cerberus quickly realizes that Sergeant Tomas appears to be charmed. He is then escorted into a private room where he is introduced to the lovely Tiadora, who tells him that her master wishes to meet with him and his “friends”. She gives him three days to escape or face their deaths, as she leaves, she wipes away a tear and hands him a white veil that she had been wearing across her face. Upon leaving, the guards drag Cerberus back to his cell and lock him back up, but forget to search him, leaving the veil still in his possession.

Upon closer inspection, Cerberus realizes that the veil has various symbols upon it, and by pulling on the symbols, it releases the item stored inside. Within the veil he finds: two daggers, a lantern, rope, masterwork thieves tools, an odd looking window, a potion, 100 gold pieces, and an unholy symbol of Asmodeus. He tosses the thieves tools to Nobi, who swiftly unlocks all of their shackles. Some noise is caused, but they successfully fool the guards into believing that they are still secured and shackled. Once they are all free from their bindings, they unlock the door to their cell and make ready their plan to escape.

More to come in Part 2!


DustinLessak DustinLessak

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