Way of the Wicked

A Bit of Rest... The Conspiracy Begins..

Finally reaching their destination, the party is given some time to rest before meeting their benefactor, but once met, he promises them the world and all they have to do is pass a simple test...

A Bit of Rest…The Conspiracy Begins…

Players: Cerberus, Woodchuck, Fulimar, Nobi, Malakai,
Absent: Mishnarai
NPC: Grumblejack

Upon reaching the manor house, they are created by none other than Tiadora, only instead of being in her funeral gown as she was in Branderscar, she is now in a full length white gown, which almost gives her an angelic appearance, but the facade soon fades as she mocks Cerberus for being late.

She welcomes the guests and summons servants to attend to their needs, Fulimar notices that the servants are completely mindless. Malakai is healed and revived and the rest of the party is healed of their wounds. They are provided with the chance to bathe and don fresh clothing, as well as given a hot meal with fresh cool water.

Once refreshed, Tiadora gathers the party to meet the master, who introduces himself as Cardinal Thorne, the last remaining High Priest of Asmodeus. He offers them the chance to join his conspiracy to cause the downfall of Talingarde and forge a new country under the banner of the Infernal Lord Asmodeus. Thorne promises the group that power and riches will be theirs for the taking and will make them all Princes/Princess of the new Talingarde.

All the players agree and Thorne allows them to rest for three days before he will start their test. He allows them to equip themselves with anything that they wish, giving them each 200 gold to do so. While preparing and waiting for the test, the party is made aware of another recruited group called the White Ravens that will also be taking the test to be part of the conspiracy. Tiadora also visits each of them in turn over the course of the three days to make sure everything is taken care of.

Three days come and go, and the party begins the test. Grumblejack and Mishnarai will stay behind while Cerberus, Woodchuck, Fulimar, Nobi and Malakai perform the test. Cardinal Thorne tells them that their test will take place in the basement, among nine different rooms that will test them on each different aspect of their mission that is of utter importance. He also tells them that they must retrieve a pendant of silver and sapphires and that they have exactly one day to complete the trial. Tiadora escourts them down to the basement and shows them the entrance to the test. The players take one last moment to prepare and begin the test…


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